About Our Company

SPHINX provides digital and traditional marketing communications to help clients of all sizes and types reach their goals, in ways that make sense for varied budgets, brands and business strategies. We harness social and traditional media, strategic thinking and award-winning creativity to help our clients stay relevant, make meaningful connections and build profitable relationships.

We are a thoroughbred Indian agency and proud of it. We believe that very few others can claim to know the Indian consumer as intimately as us. Our greatest asset is the market intelligence we have sharpened over our long and eventful journey with the Indian consumer. Hence, our biggest strength remains that we are not afraid of the word ‘New’.

People with an astonishing diversity of skills, experiences and personalities bring their unique talents to SPHINX every day. With our eclectic, collaborative approach to marketing and advertising, we work together to help businesses transform, succeed and evolve. We’re large enough to attract world-class talent but small enough to know everyone’s name, and more than likely the names of their children, pets and significant others.

Why Choose Sphinx Events?

Sphinx is a full stack creative agency delivering strategy, media and communication design across all web, digital and traditional platforms.



Having a beautiful website or mobile experience is not enough anymore. Consumers are demanding compelling, engaging, authentic, personal, and relevant omni-channel experiences.

Realizing who your audience is, what they care about, and how to connect with them is the first step to creating this experience. This informs an interactive user experience (UX) design that compliments your brand story and enables your audience to achieve their task.


We like building powerful ideas that engage the many not the few. Using laser-like analysis of the core problem and brilliant insight into contemporary culture, we create enduring ideas that change behavior on and offline.

It’s the greatest service we can offer a client, creating an enduring popular idea that solves a business problem, crosses channels and can work across borders.

We call our ability to shape and share engaging ideas Populist Creativity.

“We have created and crafted successful turnarounds for more than 100 business entities and taken them to the next level.”